Why Pilates?

You may have been thinking about doing Pilates but you're not sure about the benefits, after all it's more expensive than most exercise classes available to you.   Here are a few reasons that may help you make a good decision:

  1.  Improve Your Game:  Whether that's Golf, Football, Rugby, Tennis or any other sport you may enjoy.  Regular Pilates will stabilise your Pelvis and Shoulder girdle to reduce the risk of injury from repetitive behaviours like hitting the golf ball numerous times during a round, or over extending your back when you serve that tennis ball.  All Pilates exercises require concentration to create the best alignment of the upper and lower body before the challenge of movement.  Concentration is a fundamental principle of the Pilates technique.
  2. Increase Range of Motion:  When you practice Pilates regularly you'll find improvement in the flexibility of your muscles which in turn will allow your joints to move more freely. This is particularly important for sports recovery and as we age.  Not everything has to be about living life dynamically - our everyday activities require us to be mobile and flexible to reach for the top shelf or turn around to reach something on the back seat of the car.  Of course if you play sport you'll need speedy reactions as well as the ability to move instinctively.  Pilates is a full mind and body exercise programme that will help you improve and maintain mobility and flexibility, balance and coordination in your daily life.
  3. Help You Avoid Low Back Pain:  We all sit too much, whether that's at our desk job or we need to drive long distance frequently.  Sitting for long periods of time effects the muscles in our legs and hips which in turn affects our low back by pulling the pelvis into a backward tilt.  Learning how to activate your deep stabilising muscles in the correct sequence with your larger more superficial muscles will not only improve your posture but with regular practice, your brain will register the movement pattern for best placement of your hips and shoulders to avoid the low back pain associated with poor posture.
  4. You Don't Need Special Kit:  Unlike many sports and exercise programme you can take a Pilates class without expensive shoes or clothing.  As long as what you wear allows you to move freely that's all you need to think about.  There's no dress code.!
  5. Everyone Is Welcome:  Pilates is a great exercise system.  It's adaptable to all ages and fitness levels.  From 18 - 80+ there's a programme for you.  Many sporty people feel the need to stop as they age because of various issues with joints and muscles - this is not the case for your Pilates practice.  Exercises can be modified to suit your individual needs even if it means you decide that a 30 minutes session is most effective .

So there you have it - there are many more good reasons to begin your Pilates practice but these are just a handful to set you thinking.

Any Questions just email - Nuala@nualacoombspilates.com I'm here to help.

Nuala Coombs
Pilates For You
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