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So you've heard about Pilates, or you've seen posters, you might have passed by my studio in La Grade Freinet or other studios where you live and wondered what it's about and if the hype is true.  You wonder "What are the benefits of Pilates for you"?

I've been a student, teacher, and teacher trainer of Pilates for many years.  I can say it's a system of exercise I've never become bored with. I'm not surprised when clients or student teachers realise how great it is. 


What Will It Do for You?

Whether you're new to Pilates and exercise in general or are a regular exerciser the benefits of Pilates are clear for everyone. There are 6 Pilates Principles although some schools mention 8 or 7 - Joseph Pilates, the creator of the technique didn't set down these principles but teachers who continued with his system thought a set of defining formulas would be helpful.


Concentration:  A fundamental principle - Pilates is a mind and body programme.  When you work with concentrated effort, the effects are noticeable.

Centering:  Pilates uses the deep abdominals - and those abdominals stabilise the body, once they're active the more superficial muscles can move the body safely.

Control:  When Joseph Pilates developed his technique he called it Contrology.  The aim of the technique is to work in such a way as to reduce the risk of injury from uncontrolled, sloppy movements.  The exercises are not performed super slow, but from the inside out consistently and with quality.

Breathing:  A full breath is recommended during all Pilates exercises to keep you alert but also to help with coordination, timing, and rhythm.

Flowing Movement:  The aim of a well-organised Pilates class is to create a smooth, fluid transition between movements creating a sense of well-being and a stress-free workout.


Taking into account the Principles it's easy to see what Pilates can do for you - how regular Pilates classes can help to ease stress, strengthen, tone, mobilise and improve flexibility.  All these qualities will improve your sports and reduce any potential for over-use injuries.  Consider how many times you serve during a game of tennis or swing the golf club around 18 holes.


Clients of all ages tell me how well they feel after a class using both the mat work system and the professional equipment. They tell me:

Cover of book - Healthy Body `Healthy Mind


Don't be mis-lead by those acrobatic photos you've seen in magazines or on Youtube. Pilates is for everyone whatever their fitness level.  Exercises can be changed to help with any issues. They can also be very athletic for those who want to improve their fitness level.

Pilates is not "a good stretch" it is a full-body technique to help you achieve whatever health and fitness goal you want.

So next time you pass that Pilates studio or class, pop your head in - get some more information.

As usual, if you need more information or have questions contact me at Nuala@nualacoombspilates.com

In Conclusion

What Can Pilates Do For You

The Benefits of Pilates

We've looked at the benefits of regular Pilates sessions. I hope you can start to think about trying it out - if you're not already a client.  Remember What Pilates Can Do For You

https://www.nualacoombspilates.com/5 Reasons to Do Pilates



If you have questions just visit my studio at Place de Vielle, La Garde Freinet 83680 or email: Nuala@nualacoombspilates.com or you can always phone - +33 (0)6 73 99 37 85

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