Pilates Teachers: keep your customers coming back for more

Written by Nuala Coombs on November 22, 2021
Every week there's some "new" hot workout hitting the headlines, there's a lot of choice out there so you need to think about how you can offer your clients more than just a workout.
Loyalty is something that's hard earned but once you have it especially with clients of a certain age, you have them for good.
Here are 6 ways you can create loyalty, keep them happy and coming back for more:
Be Consistent:  Leave your troubles at the door - your clients are coming to you for an hour to themselves, to leave their own problems and stresses outside.  Greeting your clients with a positive attitude and concern for their wellbeing will go along way.
Stay Fresh:  Change a little something often, it doesn't need to be a massive new routine,
"Change One Thing, Change Everything" is a quote I often use.  As well as, conventions, workshops, DVDs, Forums and Membership sites there's a huge amount of choice about keeping up to date and motivated.
Give Something Back:  High days and holidays are a great time to offer your loyal clients something to let them know you're thankful for their support.  A get together on you - a meet up after class on your bill, coffee and cake or cheese and wine - a time for them to get to know each other.
Creating a sense of community goes a long way to binding them together.  Think about a regular end of class ritual. Maybe every week finish their last class with a chocolate treat - something good not a cheap bar from the supermarket.
Pay Attention To Them:  Notice when they've made progress, pay them a compliment when you see they're changing shape or making an effort to come more than once a week.  Let them see that you're not one of those teachers who just come in, teach and leave.
Encourage Them To Talk To You:  Yes I know sometimes you can't wait to get home to family or to rush off to another venue, but if you can let your clients know that you're there when they have a specific question about their technique or other issues you'll become more than "just" their Pilates teacher.  I'm not suggesting you do this insincerely - only offer your time if you genuinely mean it.
Ask For Their Opinion:  Survey your classes regularly - you may be surprised what they have to tell you.  Anonymous feedback can be the most
telling .  Having said that you're not opening up your work to random input, your survey will ask specific questions you want the answer to. For example you may want to know if you added another class at a particular time if they would be interested, or how a certain series of movements you've recently introduced is working for them.  An open ended "do you have any suggestion for classes" could prove disastrous!
Nuala Coombs
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