Why Pilates?

women using Pilates equipment

You may have been thinking about doing Pilates but you're not sure about the benefits. After all it's more expensive than most exercise classes available to you.   Here are REASONS TO DO PILATES to help you make a good decision:

 Improve Your Game

Whether that's Golf, Football, Tennis or any sport you enjoy. When your back doesn't hurt after a round of golf. When you don't need pain killers because of your big serve when you play Tennis. Good Reasons To Do Pilates. You'll learn how to engage and control your deep abdominal muscles to support your low back.

 Move More Easily

We need to be able to move with ease and with quick reactions when necessary. Keeping our ability to enjoy our sports for as long as we want. As we age to be able get out of a chair smoothly or take a walk without pain. Regular Pilates practice will allow you to keep your mobility and independence. A Great Reason To Do Pilates. https://nualacoombspilates.com/pilates/age-fast-age-slow

Quality Breathing

When your ability to take a deep breath is difficult it can affect many areas of life. Young or older the importance of breathing easily and effortlessly all the time is the basis of health. Pilates teaches a full breathing pattern throughout the class. Having this ability will allow you to take it into your daily life. You'll see improvement in your energy, you'll concentrate better and sleep will improve. Just a few Reasons To Do Pilates.


No special Kit Needed

Unlike most exercise programmes you don't need any special kit. No particular shoes are needed. Classes are bare-foot or with socks as Pilates is low impact. You just need to wear clothes that allow you to move freely without restrictions.

Everyone Is Welcome

There's no age limit for Pilates everyone is welcome. If you have particular health issues a professional Pilates teacher will be able to adapt the exercises for you. Age is no barrier either from young to not so young the exercises can be changed to help everyone get the full benefit.

https://www.nualacoombspilates.com/healthy ageing

Couple stretching

So there you have it - there are many more REASONS TO DO PILATES these are just a handful to set you thinking.

Any Questions just email - Nuala@nualacoombspilates.com I'm here to help.

Nuala Coombs
Pilates For You
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