After many years teaching all types of fitness and Pilates one of the most common problems I see is poor posture, in particular round shoulders. My clients are concerned about their posture and ask me, "how can I fix my round shoulders" they see it as ageing. Continual use of computers and mobile phones encourages […]

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Osteoporosis and Pilates

As baby boomers - those born between 1946 & 1964 move from child-rearing to retirement, they find themselves bombarded by the media with information about osteoporosis. It makes sense, considering  75 million American men and women age 50 and older in Europe, the USA and Japan have osteoporosis or its precursor, osteopenia. So between news […]

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 At certain times of year we feel the need for Making Changes.  About our health, our job or simply how to make our lives less complicated, or more structured.

Making changes of any type, large of small follows a certain pattern.

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So you've heard about Pilates in the media, or you may have seen posters where you exercise, you may even have passed by my studio in La Grade Freinet or other studios where you live and wondered what it's about and is the hype true?  Your wondering "what can Pilates do for me"? I've been […]

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Golf & Pilates

Golf is truly a mind & body sport.  Concentration, strength, flexibility, mobility and power are all essential components.  The workload placed on the spine and supporting structure is immense.  When the body is out of balance the risk of injury intensifies. The Mechanics of Your Golf Swing During your golf swing your body acts like […]

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Pilates When Pregnant?

It's an important question, one to be taken seriously.  It's been proven ladies who exercise during pregnancy are more likely to have a less stressful delivery.  Pilates during pregnancy is the perfect low impact exercise programme during this time - it's recommended the all clear to exercise be given by a medical practitioner.   What […]

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5 Reasons to Do Pilates

Why Pilates? You may have been thinking about doing Pilates but you're not sure about the benefits, after all it's more expensive than most exercise classes available to you.   Here are a few reasons that may help you make a good decision:  Improve Your Game:  Whether that's Golf, Football, Rugby, Tennis or any other […]

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Healthy Ageing - it's up to you It comes to us all - each year as we celebrate our birthday we start to notice changes occurring. It could be our first grey hair letting us know something is going on. Healthy Ageing is in our hands.  Assuming we have no underlying health issues, our attitude, […]

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PILATES FOR PARKINSON’S DISEASE History Parkinson’s Disease is referred to in the ancient Indian medical system Ayurveda in the name Kampavata. It’s also mentioned in the oldest Chinese medical texts as well as those of the ancient Greeks, Romans and the Old and New Testaments. So it’s clear the disease has been with us for […]

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