Pilates For Sport

Whether you’re into individual sports like Tennis or Golf or enjoy groups for Netball or football Pilates is the effective way to not only improve your technique but also to reduce the possibility of injuries.

Postural Changes

By addressing any issues in your natural posture, common overuse injuries may be avoided. When weak or over-active muscles in the low back and Hamstrings pull your body out of best alignment these areas become prone to injury. Taking pain killers before you play is not the answer.

Body Awareness & Control

Using the professional Pilates equipment in the studio you’ll improve your ability to notice when you need to re-align to get the best from an exercise. That may be the need to engage your deep abdominals for better effect of simply change the position of arms or legs, not only to work more safely but also more efficiently. These benefits will not only help you improve your technique but also your recovery time.
Improved mobility to increase rotation for the Backswing
Reduced post game back pain
Increased power due to stronger core
Improved rotation in the hips
Controlled breathing pattern will enhance the fluidity of your swing

Week End Warrior

If your day job is sedentary it’s essential your body is ready and able to move well with control,
power and efficiency when you need it. Perhaps that’s a strong core, stable shoulders,
a mobile spine or strong legs and the ability to change direction quickly- Pilates is the answer.

It's Not A Stretch

Don’t be fooled Pilates is not the easy way out - although it can be varied to meet individual needs
This doesn’t mean it’s necessarily toned down. If you’re an experienced sports person, a dynamic
Pilates session will give you the workout you need. If on the other hand you are new to your sport,
the gradual development of muscles from the inside out will be a strong foundation for your
growing fitness level.

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Nuala Coombs
Pilates For You
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