Age Fast Age Slow (it's up to you)

If you thought Pilates was only for fit young people, you couldn't be more wrong.
The benefits gained by my older clients are valuable. Starting with simple, straight-forward exercises using a combination of equipment and mat based movements they’re always happy when they realise the potential for development.

Fear of falling

Fear of falling can be significant. It may become a reason to avoid activities even though they can be carried out safely. The pre-conceived threat of falling effects a person's balance and gait creating a greater potential for falls as anxiety increases.

Get strong

The best way to get rid of a fear of falling is to gain confidence by becoming stronger, to improve your balance. Even if you don’t have concerns about falling Pilates as we age is an effective way to improve strength, mobility, stability, balance and posture. All factors to improve life-style.
Improved Strength, Mobility, Stability & Balance - every-day tasks become easier
Active posture - less compression and stress on muscles and joints allowing for ease of
Better breathing patterns - improves energy and clarity of thought
Confidence & self-awareness improves as well as sense of well-being knowing you’re in


When I started classes with Nuala I had been suffering with backpain due to Scoliosis for many years. I’m 86 years of age and when my Doctor recommended Nuala to me I was sceptical. However within a few sessions I noticed improvement. The painful spasms that came frequently reduced and the level of pain I experience daily reduced by at least 30%. It seems incredible to me. I will continue to work with Nuala knowing the benefit Pilates has brought to me - I wish I had discovered it sooner.

Mario, La Garde Freinet, France

It's never too late to start

With options to begin with just a 30 minutes class there’s no need to worry you won’t be able to cope - I’ll offer you a programme to suit your needs taking into consideration any necessary modifications necessary. We can work face to face in my studio or online using Zoom.

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