Various words describing Menopause
So Many Symptoms

Menopause? What is it?

It's Personal

From the Greek translating to - monthly pause

Menopause naturally occurs for every woman around age 51 although some experience it earlier. It's the cessation of monthly menstruation for 12 months. This happens when your ovaries stop producing eggs and as a result levels of hormones Oestrogen and Progesterone fall. Menopause & Pilates are an excellent partnership.

Positive Menopause

Fours Stages of Menopause

Pre-menopause: When no menopausal symptoms are noticeable

Peri-menopause: When symptoms begin to develop due to hormone changes - you still have your periods although they are changing in nature and frequency

Menopause: You've not had a period for 12 consecutive months

Post-Menopause: The rest of your life - without a period for 12 consecutive months

With life expectancy increasing into the 80's this can mean you could be post-menopausal for a third of your life! Pilates & Menopause is the answer.

The Year of Talking About Menopause

It seems 2022 was the year of talking, writing, making TV programmes, and many other public platforms about Menopause. Every day saw more articles, books, films, etc., on the topic whereas before it was mainly a handful of female writers discussing it.

Pilates & Menopause

Hallelujah! it's out of the closet but if you're reading any of the posts on Facebook, or looking at any Menopause support groups it looks like the consensus is - Menopause sucks big time. Symptoms from anxiety to Paranoia appear to be common.

Everyone's experience will be different and how we cope will vary too but my experience with clients going through the stage of the M word is - exercise helps.

Why Pilates for Menopause?

Pilates is a system of movement that focuses on the quality of movement according to the Principles:

When working with these principles in mind a Pilates class whether it's for beginners of more experienced practitioners is a calming, focused place where time spent is beneficial when Menopausal symptoms come calling.

Benefits of Pilates for Menopause

Pilates is a full mind and body programme, there are no fast-paced exercises although a free-flowing natural rhythm is encouraged. Every exercise begins with attention to the deep abdominals that stabilise the Pelvis and Spine. As movements develop to include larger muscles and limbs attention to Breath, Control, and Precision are the objectives of the class.

The result of such deliberate concentration throughout the session either on the mat or using the Professional Pilates equipment is a session that is effective without stress, a definite bonus for women going through the stages of Menopause.

In Conclusion

I hope you now have a sense of the benefits a Pilates class can bring to your concerns during all phases of your Menopause journey. Whether you attend a class specifically for women dealing with this stage of life or a general Pilate class you'll find an outlet for symptoms you're experiencing as well as a place to talk should you wish to. Taking control of your situation always feels good. You don't need to be a victim of this natural although at times challenging life event.

Should you want to discuss the possibility of taking classes at my studio (not necessarily for Pilates & Menopause) in La Garde Freinet contact me at

or call +33 (0) 6 73 99 37 85

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