Move for a healthy pregnancy

It's an important question, one to be taken seriously.  It's been proven ladies who exercise during pregnancy are more likely to have a less stressful delivery.  Pilates during pregnancy is the perfect low impact exercise programme during this time - it's recommended the all clear to exercise be given by a medical practitioner.


What are the Benefits of Pilates when Pregnant?

Pilates targets the areas most effected during pregnancy - posture, back pain & balance.  The fundamental benefit of a Pilates programme are these areas.  With the controlled, precise movements using a full breath, the system not only strengthens, but helps to mobilise and stabilise.

Exercise Considerations

Second Trimester

Hormone Relaxin

Yes to Exercise

Exercising during pregnancy has many benefits, not least the "me" time for the Mother as well as the improved sense of wellbeing.  The effect on posture cannot be over-estimated.  As the pregnancy develops there's a propensity for the pelvis to tilt forward - left unchecked this can cause compression in the low back resulting in pain.  Regular Pilates classes during pregnancy will help strengthen postural muscles particularly the abdominals to avoid excessive forward tilting.

So the answer is a big YES to using Pilates When Pregnant with modifications as it progresses.  I've had clients attend classes up until their delivery dates.

Post Partum

In Conclusion

If you have any particular questions regarding Pilates and Pregnancy as a client or Teacher,  just ask -

Nuala Coombs
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